My abilities lie in the physicality and manipulation of human muscle, tendon, ligament and prana... the stuff of our pulsing bodies. There is a biological truth that lies in finding this physical symmetry, and with it, our emotions find their equilibrium, and our bodies hum with intelligence. It is a never ending endeavor, which makes it all the more engaging... and the necessity of flexibility in mind and body keeps the balancing act, shall we say, interesting. Through my career as a massage therapist, I am always amazed and gratified with the results that occur from my work. The nurturing, skilled touch that comes with a long career in massage, continues to work it's magic. Massage is the elixir of health, along with emotional connections, diet, and exercise. It seems to me that massage is so effective because it combines emotional support and exercise. I often tell clients... "Massage and Yoga" - they both touch the deeper core of our being, and make us feel that "AHA" pleasure of being alive. The supersymmetry of the universe, perhaps...?

My husband, Milan and daughter, Emily fill me with a life well lived. They keep life real and full of challenges, the sizzle and the softness. As for diet, I am always open for new research, and from what I have gleaned from a life of investigation - eat mainly plants, as Michael Pollen concluded. Sugar and gluten are to be minimized, a tough realization that gets easier with each "no thank you". Meat and seafood - be very selective. And add those fermented veggies whenever you can. I've just finished reading Mary Roach's book "Gulp", which is a great read and it puts into question the efficacy of probiotics in pill form. Food is the way to go, the micro garden in our intestinal flora is what protects us from many of the modern chronic illnesses. And then there is yoga... the self massage of sorts. The more one finds that pattern of deep connection to the inner workings of the body, the more freedom one finds in the outer workings of existence. It is an enigma, and it makes the world a richer place, alive to the moment and to the mystery.

I look forward to hearing from you, it would be my great pleasure and honor.

Be well, Martha


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